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UKRSTCA Online Sailing Academy - Week 1 (Front Runners)

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Dylan Collingbourne

3 February 2021

Coach Dylan Collingbourne shares his experience of our first Online Sailing Academy.

It was a great experience to be invited to give sessions to the RS Tera Class members as a part of the Online Sailing Academy that commenced on the 30/01/2021, which will continue for a further 2 weeks.

Following the continuous lockdowns and being unable to get out on the water to coach, the Class approached a few coaches to be involved in the Online Sailing Academy and together we have made a schedule of live online classes to give to sailors that will be available to members throughout the year and for sailors to revisit once they are able to get out again.

All members were split into three groups and were assigned a coach to cover different topics dependant on the Classes knowledge of the sailor, their age and their previous results. I was assigned the ‘front runners’, which were the top end racers in the Sport fleet and for the first week we focused on the set up of the Tera and the simple upgrades that can be made to help performance. We also looked at the key stages of effective boat handling to make sure nothing is lost through manoeuvres.

The three groups ran simultaneously Saturday morning with Coach Ollie Jenkins taking the Up and Comers (aimed at entry-level and club sailors) and Association Head Coach Flynn Davies taking the Sail like a Pro group, aimed at the Pro rig sailors.

To be honest, it was a much different way of coaching in front of a camera from home compared to out on the water and briefing rooms, but I felt it was useful for the sailors to get some sort of coaching again. Everyone who was on the call was very interactive with their cameras on and a lot of chat in the messages. Many of them were answering questions and as a coach it was good to see them engaged.

We are hoping to cover more topics in the ‘Front Runners’ group over the next two weeks and we hope to incorporate some Virtual Regatta racing in on Sundays to consolidate what was earnt from the online call.

Week 2 is going to cover the start, the area of sailing that is very important, no matter the pathway a sailor chooses, and able to influence the majority of the race in fleet racing.

It is planned that week 3 covers strategy in relation to wind patterns for upwind and downwind from location to location including both inland and sea venues.

The UK RS Tera Class Association is hoping for much more interaction throughout the year and, as sailors who attended the call with me on Saturday would know, that videos are in the planning for some rigging and race upgrades for the tera along with some handy tips.

It was a great opportunity to get coaching again, and there is plenty more to come in the near future!

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