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Event reports

RS Tera Wales 1st Training weekend

Neyland Yacht Club
Maxwell Barber

17 August 2020

We are now up and running and have successfully delivered our first training weekend at Neyland yacht Club. With Rhys Bromhall helping me organise and run this event it went very smoothly and Jonathan Lewis did a magnificent job even quoted as having magical powers by one of our sailors, “ He just tells you a few simple things and it’s like magic your boat goes a lot faster. “

We had 10 sailors of very mixed abilities, all of which improved massively and during the racing they all stepped it up! As did the breeze and some good race training progressed. Jonathan and myself agreed they are all more than capable of entering any future RS Tera class Association sailing events in a competent and successful manner. Well done sailors you worked really hard and it showed. Keep practicing what you’ve been shown!

The weather was a tad wet at times but we had more breeze than forecast and having such a huge stretch of water to sail on we managed to keep them in the best places as the direction and strength changed.
The breeze finally died on us Sunday afternoon so a fun session unfolded which cemented old friendships and built some new ones. We finally towed them all back against the tide to the slip exhausted, well Rhys and myself were!
We now can’t wait for our next training session which is coming soon .

I would like to thank the Maclaverty family for coming all the way down from North Wales , their company and good humour was much appreciated during their stay with us. I would also like to thank Rhys Bromhall and Neyland yacht club for hosting this event Hester Walker @RYA Cymru West Wales regional committee helping us with funding which kept this event so affordable greatly contributing to the success of this weekend.

So Tera sailors if you live in Wales or just fancy a trip over to join us in the future, drop me an email at and we will do our best to give you some fun , affordable and quality training.

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