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RS Tera Eastern Region - January 2022 Regional Training Squad

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club
Mhairi MacDonald

1 February 2022

The Royal Corinthian Yacht Club welcomed 22 Tera sailors from the Eastern region for their first training weekend of 2022.

The Saturday began with a thick layer of fog and very little wind. However, we did still have fun. Since there was no wind in the morning we did a carousel of sprints, squats and more. This was made far more interesting by the fact that ice had formed overnight on the boat covers. We also did a wall sit competition- painful but fun! After lunch and fabulous hot chocolate from the club, the wind picked up enough for us to go out. We put what Jonathan had taught us into practice through a race.

The following day started with a bit of fog, but it soon cleared, and we were left with better wind. Since we were not out much on Saturday, we got on the water as soon as possible. In the morning we did some rolling starts. During the afternoon the weather was amazingly clear and sunny. Despite the fact that we had spent a long time learning about the importance of tide and channels, a few managed to get stuck in the mud, very entertaining for those watching less so for them. After this they continued a little more cautious of their proximity to the shore and their depth.

Overall, we had a fantastic weekend, so thank you to everyone who made the weekend the success it was.

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