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Event reports

Allen RS Tera Eastern Championships 2023

Thorpe Bay Yacht Club
Lynn Bew

9 May 2023

The UK RS Tera Eastern 2023 Traveller Series kicked off with the RS Tera Eastern Championships 2023 hosted by Thorpe Bay Yacht Club on the 6 and 7 May 2023 sponsored by Allen. There was a buzz of excitement from the twenty-four sailors, 12 Sport and 12 Pro who were all excited to catch up with friends and also to take part in the first regional event this year.

The Saturday started with light breeze, the sailors were released from the beach and the plan was for four back-to-back races. Race 1 got under way for the Pro fleet with Harry Mitchell quickly taking control of the first race followed by Ben Angell in 2nd place and Amelia Kilgour in 3rd place. The Sport fleet also got off to a clean start with local sailor Monty Mawditt taking the lead and securing 1st place, with George Panos finishing in 2nd place and Finley Appleton in 3rd place.

The race committee swiftly moved onto the 2nd race and the local sailors fought back, Luke Markey raced a great race in the Pro fleet to finish in 1st place, followed by Amelia Kilgour and then Ben Angell in 3rd. In the Sport fleet Oscar Clark took line honours, with George Panos managing to hold onto 2nd place, with Monty Mawditt having to settle for 3rd place.

During the afternoon the wind had been steadily build and the rain fell which also brought a shift in direction, which meant a short break for the sailors while the race committee swiftly altered the course before starting race 3. In the Pro fleet Luke Markey was able to apply his local knowledge and took his second win of the day, with Amelia Kilgour remaining consistent with a great race to finish in 2nd place and Daisy Floyd enjoyed the stronger breeze to finish in 3rd place. The Sport fleet saw Jack Dell taking control of the race to finish 1st with Fergus Anderson showing his love for the stronger breeze to finish in 2nd place followed by Oscar Clark in 3rd.

Race 4, the last race of the day, the tide hard turned which treated the sailors to some lumpy conditions. In the Pro fleet Harry Mitchell came back fighting and was pleased to finish in 1st place, followed by Gabriel Tierney in 2nd and Florence Osborne in 3rd place. The Sport fleet was dominated by the host club’s sailors taking all three top places. Monty Mawditt fought back to finish the last race of the day in 1st place followed by Oscar Clark in a consistent 2nd place and Jack Dell in 3rd place.

The weekend of two halves, the Sunday brought a very different the morning was overcast and barely any wind and it was looking unlikely that there would be any racing. Due to the tides, it was planned for a lunchtime start and not being deterred the race committee headed out to the racing area hopeful that a breeze would fill in, the sailors were kitted up and ready to sail and remained on the beach. Quickly the sun came out and a gentle breeze start if fill in, as soon as there was a stable breeze the race committee set a course, the sailors were released from the beach and racing commenced.

Race 5 in the Sport Fleet was incredibly close throughout and with the lighter winds this meant tide awareness made a big difference for the Sport fleet. The fourth race was hotly contested throughout with all sailors in contention throughout keeping everyone on their toes as mistakes were costly. The front sailors unfortunately went wide on the last mark allowing Harry Bew to squeeze through from 7th place to 3rd place and with patience he managed to creep past Oscar Clark to finish in 2nd place behind George Panos who sailed a great race to come 1st. The 6th Sport fleet race got off with a clean start and as the fleet made their way around the course they stayed close to each other with no-one managing to break away, this meant the last leg became an incredibly close between Monty Mawditt and George Panos with Monty just managing to squeeze in front to take the win with George Panos having to settle for 2nd place, followed very closely behind by Oscar Clark who took 3rd place very closely followed by Harry Bew and Oliver Dell.

The Pro fleet had an equally exciting day of racing, Race 5 got off to a clean start with all the sailors deciding that the committee boat was the end of the line to start. The 5th race was hotly contested but it was Gabriel Tierney who managed to fight off the competition to finish 1st followed by Ben Angell who managed to keep Harry Mitchell behind him in 3rd. Race 6 the sailors were raring to go, just a little early, which resulted in a general recal. All the sailors returned quickly, and race committee was able to get the start underway, Ben Angell came through to win the race followed by Harry Mitchell the Gabriel Tierney. The 7th race and final race for the Pro fleet but due to the ever-dropping breeze, the decision was made to shorten the course the Sport fleet didn’t manage to start a 7th tace as they struggle to make way against the tide. Harry Mitchell finished the day off with a race win, followed by Florence Osborne in 2nd and Amelia Kilgour finished in 3rd.

Overall Results –
Sport Fleet
1st - Monty Mawditt (Thorpe Bay YC)
2nd - George Panos (Welsh Harp)
3rd - Oscar Clark (Thorpe Bay YC)

Pro Fleet
1st - Harry Mitchell (Erith SC/King George SC)
2nd - Amelia Kilgour (Royal Corinthian)
3rd - Luke Markey (Thorpe Bay YC)

Thank you to Thorpe Bay Yacht Club and your army of volunteers for putting on a great event and to Allen for sponsoring the event.

Check out the Gallery featuring fantastic pictures from Nick Alston of NWA Photography and Lynn Bew - thanks guys!

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