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South West Region

There is a strong and growing fleet of RS Teras spread throughout the South West, and we are keen to hear from Tera sailors throughout the region who would like to get more involved.

There has been a Winter Training Program for several years, which has been run under a number of different guises - firstly as SWYSA, and then by Starcross Yacht Club. For 2022/23 this is developing into an RS Tera South West Squad.

Several clubs in the region have strong and enthusiastic fleets of Tera sailors, and there are also now a number with fleets of club-owned boats. With a wide variety of locations - from inland reservoirs like Sutton Bingham, to sailing on tidal estuaries as you do at Starcross, to open sea like Torbay - the South West has such a diversity of sailing areas. Sailing at other locations (perhaps combined with a weekend away) is a great way to develop your sailing, and also to make new and close friends. Come and join us at some of our events!

Even if you aren't a Class Association member, please do get in touch - it would be great to hear from you, and to be able to let you know about events and news.

Pete Solly
Area representative:

Pete Solly

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