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The Sport rig is the typical rig sailors choose when they have first purchased a Tera as it demonstrates the basics of sailing for learning and ranges from complete beginners, allowing sailors to reef the sail, to full race spec.

  • Perfect for juniors from 30kg

  • 3.7m² reefing half battened Dacron Sport sail

  • Same mast as the Pro

  • Easy reefing around the mast – vertical battens

  • Store the sail furled

        Also available -Mini Sail – for high winds / light crews: 2.7m² 

     PY rating: 1445

Sport & Pro rig


The pro rig is the bigger rig following the Sport and with the Mylar construction and full battens, sailors have a greater sense of racing with greater speed and power meaning racing is much closer within the fleet.

  • Perfect for juniors and small adults from 40kg

  • 4.8m² fully battened Mylar Pro sail

  • Light and powerful

  • Same mast as the Sport

  • Assists progression – a new sail instead of a new boat!

     PY rating: 1359

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