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Online Sailing Academy

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Our Online Sailing Academy 2024 will be starting in March, and run for 3 weeks initially,

free to our Class Association members.

The training will comprise 60 minute (approx) online sessions with our Class coaches,

who will each be leading an ability group across three levels.

The online sessions will be held week coomencing 4th March at 7pm, midweek,

see which day your course is being held below.

Remember, you must be a current member of the UK RS Tera Class Association to attend the Online Sailing Academy.

Enrolment now open!

Closing date for registration is midnight, Thursday 29th February 2024

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Start racing

Dyl headshot new.jpg
Dylan Collingbourne
Wednesdays - 7pm

This group is aimed at entry-level and club sailors looking to improve their
skills and tailored for those in their early days of Tera sailing and racing.
Covering the basics of Tera sailing and giving a fun and simplistic
introduction to racing, rules and broadening your techniques.

Week 1

  • The importance of getting a
    ‘great’ start – why do we
    practice it so much?

Week 2

  • What are the controls on the
    Tera to effectively get
    around the course?

Week 3

  •  Processes make mark
    rounding’s easier

Mids bkgd.jpg

Pushing past the pack

Tom SB headshot 2.jpg
Tom Stratton-Brown
Tuesdays - 7pm

Enhance your Tera sailing skills on this course dealing with rig tuning, boat
handling, race procedures and strategies on differing waters. Take your
sailing performance to the next level to begin to overtake the middle pack
around the racecourse and stepping on the toes of the front runners.

Week 1

  • Steps for a start and
    maximise the conditions to
    get off the line

Week 2

  • Different upwind modes and
    when to use them – lane

Week 3

  • Areas to gain around the


Sail like a Pro!

Dyl headshot new.jpg
 Dylan Collingbourne
Thursdays - 7pm

For those on top of their racing game, this group will give you extra
insights on gaining those extra percentages to take you to the top of the
race fleet. From sail settings, race tactics and decision making, these
sessions will make you race like a Pro!

Week 1

  • Starting routine like a pro


Week 2

  • How to trim a fully battened
    sail (Pro only)


Week 3

  • The power of perfecting the


Sailing Academy

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