30th January


Online Sailing Academy

New for 2021!

Our Online Sailing Academy will be starting on Saturday 30th January and run for 3 weeks initially, free to our Class Association members.

The training will comprise 40 minute (approx) online sessions with our Class coaches,

Flynn, Dylan & Ollie, who will each be leading an ability group.

The online sessions will be held on consecutive Saturdays and we hope to be able to hold some

Virtual racing on the Sunday if we have interest.

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Up and comers

Ollie 2.jpeg
Ollie Jenkins

This group is aimed at entry-level and club sailors looking to improve their skills and tailored for those in their early days of Tera sailing. Covering the basics of Tera sailing and giving a fun and simplistic introduction to racing, rules and broadening your techniques.

Week 1

- Gaining a better understanding of your sail settings

- Understanding the functions of the kicker, Downhaul and Outhaul

- Explaining Rule 42 (pumping)


Week 2

- How to improve your starts

- Identifying where to start on the line, how to perform trigger pulls

- Explaining Rule 11 (Windward/Leeward)


Week 3

- How to improve your mark rounding's

- Learn to dump the Main quickly, How to choose the leeward gate

- Explaining Rule 18 (Room at Mark)

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Front runners

Dylan C headshot.jpg
Dylan Collingbourne

Enhance your Tera sailing skills on this course dealing with rig tuning, boat handling, race procedures and strategies on differing waters. Take your sailing performance to the next level.

Week 1

- Understanding the fundamentals of a Tera on sail settings and control and how to make your boat perform to the highest standards

- Boat handling in order to make tacks and gybes efficient

Week 2

- The start line procedure and how early does it begin?

- What are the routines we incorporate into our start?

- How do we maximise our chances on a start line and begin to think about boat on boat?

Week 3

- Strategy upwind depending on gusts, lulls and shifts for both inland and sea venues

-Strategy downwind depending on gusts, lulls and shifts for both inland and sea venues

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Sail like a Pro!

Flynn D.jpg
Flynn Davies

For those on top of their racing game, this group will give you extra insights on gaining those extra percentages to take you to the top of the race fleet. From sail settings, race tactics and decision making, these sessions will make you race like a Pro!

Week 1

- Set your sail up better- What's my sail telling me?


Week 2

- Plan your start like a Pro


Week 3

- Win the first beat- managing risk and reward upwind

- Boost your decision making success


Syllabus subject to amendment

Syllabus subject to amendment

Syllabus subject to amendment

Sport rig sailors
Sport rig sailors
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